Supply Chain & Information Systems

The Supply Chain and Information Systems Department (SCIS) at Penn State are engaged scholars who take a systems view of end-to-end supply chain, informed by information, data, and technology. Through the integration of supply chain and management information systems degree programs, we equip students with the tools, education, and experiential learning to become tomorrow’s supply chain leaders, today.

Leading the Digital Supply Chain

Supply chain and information systems are in a constant state of evolution, continuously striving for improvement and greater efficiency. In today's dynamic landscape, the key driver of innovation is digital transformation, and the Penn State Smeal College of Business excels in this arena.

At the heart of the digital revolution in supply chain management is the Supply Chain & Information Systems Department (SCIS) at Penn State. Our department stands at the intersection of academia and industry, boasting a team of distinguished faculty who are leading experts in the field of supply chain and information systems. As engaged scholars, we adopt a holistic systems approach to the entire supply chain, integrating information, data, and technology for informed decision-making.

What sets the SCIS Department apart is our unique ability to prepare graduates for seamless integration into the industry. By offering comprehensive degree programs in both supply chain and management information systems, we empower students with the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience needed to lead the future of supply chains today.  



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A Tradition of Excellence

We are...

  • One of the first and largest supply chain programs
  • Leading faculty in supply chain research, teaching, and executive education
  • One of the largest engaged alumni networks in supply chain management


What is Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management is the strategic coordination of sourcing, production, distribution, and logistics to optimize the movement of goods and services. It involves the seamless flow of materials, information, and financial assets throughout the entire process. Supply chain management encompasses a wide range of planning activities, including supplier development, order placement, production, order delivery, invoicing, and the management of customer returns and other circular processes.