Faculty & Staff

The more than 275 faculty and staff in the Penn State Smeal College of Business support our strategic priorities and serve the needs of thousands of students. The administrative departments of the college offer additional support and assistance to the community.

Resources for Faculty and Staff

Penn State Smeal Style Guidelines: An extension of the Penn State Brand Book: These guidelines are designed to ensure that all College communications, big or small, are authentic, cohesive reflections of the Smeal College of Business brand.

eLearning Design and Innovation Group (eLDIG): eLDIG is committed to excellence in teaching and learning, both in the online and face-to-face classroom. The eLDIG team works with instructors to design, develop, and enhance your courses. eLDIG’s portfolio includes fully online courses offered via World Campus, hybrid courses (including a number of very-large-enrollment classes), and educational technology solutions and pedagogical support for resident instruction.

Financial Office: The Financial Office area of the intranet provides tools and references to facilitate effective financial oversight and management by the office and the college's departments.

Human Resources: The Human Resources area of the intranet provides information on faculty and staff resources, benefits, and professional development.

Intranet: Accessible to Smeal faculty and staff, the intranet provides a number of resources including policies and procedures, committee information, safety documentation, and more.

Research, Instruction, and Information Technology (RIIT) Group: The RIIT Group supports faculty, staff, and students through information technology services ranging from computer and network accounts and access, teaching and learning, multimedia and design, and programming.

Staff Advisory Committee (SAC): SAC is made up of seven staff representatives elected by the Smeal staff. This group was formed to create and maintain an active and open line of communication with the Smeal College deans and to provide a forum through which staff members in the Smeal College can present and discuss issues and make recommendations.