Penn State Smeal is more than a college of business.

We're more like a college of business partners. Wherever you are today or imagine yourself tomorrow, we are an active and connected community of Penn Staters, 760,000+ strong, who are committed to preparing you for your next great opportunity. And the one after that.

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Our Stories: #SmealBusinessPartners

  • Flexible Learning Thumbnail

    Flexible Learning

    Recent changes to Smeal's graduate program portfolio are empowering busy professionals to pursue their educational ambitions.

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  • A Scholar in Responsible Marketing Thumbnail

    A Scholar in Responsible Marketing

    A Smeal Ph.D. graduate's inspiration to restore trust in his field has translated to career success.

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  • On-The-Job Experience Thumbnail

    On-The-Job Experience

    Internships and co-ops prepare Smeal students to make an impact in the real world.

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  • The Road to University Park Thumbnail

    The Road to University Park

    With the support and resources of the 2+2 program, two students who started their collegiate careers at Penn State commonwealth campuses found success at Smeal.

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  • Fostering Mentorship Thumbnail

    Fostering Mentorship

    A professional relationship and partnership allowed Penn State Smeal MBA student Kärin Strom to embrace her strengths and navigate a new career path in tech.

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  • Elevating the Student Experience Thumbnail

    Elevating the Student Experience

    The Smeal Office of Diversity Enhancement Programs collaborated with partners to strategically design and build a welcoming engagement space for students, staff, and faculty.

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  • Opportunities over Obstacles Thumbnail

    Opportunities over Obstacles

    Penn State Smeal's Business Opportunities Summer Session (BOSS) helps underrepresented students envision a future in business.

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  • Mastering the Business of Health Care Thumbnail

    Mastering the Business of Health Care

    How two physicians and longtime friends turned to the Penn State Online MBA to enhance their leadership skills.

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  • A Bridge to Crypto Thumbnail

    A Bridge to Crypto

    A Penn State Smeal alum is breaking down barriers in cryptocurrency investing by pioneering a new wave of accessibility in FinTech.

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  • The Tie That Binds thumbnail

    The Tie That Binds

    There's a blue and white thread that runs through generations of families in Pennsylvania, across the United States, and even around the world. Read more about multigenerational families rooted in Happy Valley and Penn State Smeal.

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  • Collaborative Competitors thumbnail

    Collaborative Competitors

    How a team of Smeal students found the right combination of skill, confidence, and mutual respect to win seven case competitions.

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  • Embracing the Unknown thumbnail

    Embracing the Unknown

    As the founder and CEO of a startup beverage company launched during a pandemic, entrepreneur and Smeal graduate Kathryn Dougherty welcomes discomfort recognizing there's a lot to be learned from the feeling.

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  • Attracting and preparing the best of the best story

    Attracting and preparing the best of the best

    Smeal's Sapphire Leadership Academic Program keeps improving and expanding its impact on the next generation of leaders.

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  • From Classmates to Business Partners Thumbnail

    From Classmates to Business Partners

    Scott Sine was confident he had a great business idea - he just needed confirmation. Inspired by the ways the peers in his cohort engaged with and challenged their professors, the Penn State Smeal Executive MBA student realized his classmates were the perfect partners to help him solidify his plans.

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  • Iron Lyons thumbnail

    Iron Lyons

    Two pivotal moments in Brandon Lyons' life happened on the same day, exactly three years apart. The first threatened to limit him in ways he'd never imagined. The second expanded his potential in ways he'd only dreamed.

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  • Transformational Generosity thumbnail

    Transformational Generosity

    Jason Borrelli said that when he and Julie King (now Borrelli) met on a hike up Mount Nittany during their junior year, they could not have envisioned how their lives would unfold or the impact they would eventually make at their alma mater.

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  • Harnessing the power of mentorships thumbnail

    Harnessing the power of mentorships

    Providing a sense of support to prospective students is just one example of the positive impact of mentoring. Studies show that hierarchical and peer mentoring in collegiate settings positively influence traditional indicators of student success such as average GPA, credits earned, and retention.

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  • A Driven Community thumbnail

    A Driven Community

    Researchers probe the issue of equity and fairness in state and local tax (SALT) deductions for homeowners.

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  • Penn State Smeal students learn about business by launching their own thumbnail

    Penn State Smeal students learn about business by launching their own

    Young Smeal entrepreneurs are prepared to go to market.

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  • Making Business Better thumbnail

    Making Business Better

    Advancing sustainability, social responsibility, and diversity.

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Smeal graduates are in demand.


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Business, but better.

Wherever you are in your career, Smeal has a program to help you achieve your goals and make an impact. Our highly-ranked degrees and certificates are collaborative, innovative, and rooted in practice - giving you the experience, skills, and perspective to become an ethical leader, poised to do business that betters.

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A force for social good.

At Smeal, we are united by a common purpose to make business, and our world, better.

Bringing a diverse community together.

Strategically focused on embracing unique ideas and strengthening connections, Smeal is continuously building a culture that welcomes, celebrates, and promotes diversity.

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A force for social good.

At Smeal, we are united by a common purpose to make business, and our world, better.

Where integrity matters.

With the Smeal Honor Code at the core, integrity is a fundamental part of our culture and permeates what we do as a leading business school.

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A force for social good.

At Smeal, we are united by a common purpose to make business, and our world, better.

Integrating sustainability and business.

At Smeal, we are accelerating the integration of sustainability in business by making it an integral part of our curriculum, culture, and expertise.

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Think global.

The Smeal experience is enriched by a culturally diverse student population and ample opportunities to explore international business through coursework, study abroad, and internships.

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